BMF have its own set of merchandise specially T-shirts which are comfortable and designed for our intense outdoor workout activities. These T shirts are highly sweat absorbent and allow swift body moments, which may help you a lot during our workout sessions.

If you are any way interested to purchase our BMF merchandise kindly select the merchandise of your personal choice from the given set options.


We at BMF do not only hold active sessions near to you but we also have our outstation fitness programs, where we take our BMF cadets and extended families to different outstation for rejuvenation and mental relaxation, this is just not a holiday it’s an activity-oriented program we organize for each one of you. We indulge in activities for team building by fun measure, were we play different innovative games to develop leadership, emotional intelligence and how to be a confident member of a team by leaving all the insecurities and inferiority complexes at bay.


Here we will have list of bodyweight weight workouts and under various category and this will have different level of security as member, non member and trainers.'

Military Style
5 lbs Dumb-bells

Rs. 550/-

Military Style
Blue Fitness Tracker

Rs. 550/-

Military Style
Set of 5 Сotton Towels

Rs. 550/-