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A few words about BMilitaryFit

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As The founder of BMilitaryFit Mr Binod Bhadri had always felt that fitness and health of one is everything in life. Since his childhood days he is been into outdoor fitness. Guiding people towards a healthy mind, body and soul has always been his passion, his love for nature makes him extremely extraordinary as a human who value life, nature above and over everything.

His ideology behind forming BMilitaryFit is the refreshing ecosystem totally unused, the monotonous and boring environment of our daily fitness practices. The unseen results of extreme hard work, and zeal “To Get Fit, Have Fun and to Socialize”

Our classes

We provide a variety of workouts and training classes to our
new and regular customers. Feel free to learn more below.

Why Choose Us

BMF is for people who have always dreamt of Fitness like Military personnel. It’s a platform giving you actual results. We nurture the sapling of fitness into a reality of fruitful growing tree.

Specially designed progamme by our fitness experts help people to improve and attain great immune system and physique, to fight back daily problems and giving a healthier life style to each happy individual. We at BMF understand each human being and have customized our program for all levels of fitness across different age groups.

Best Location
Our fitness club is located in the downtown area and can be easily reached from anywhere.
Premium Equipment
We use only the best equipment and gear for our workouts and fitness classes.
Friendly Coaches
Our team of highly qualified and friendly coaches is always ready to help you.
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Fitness is like a relationship. You can’t cheat and expect it to work.

– Virginia Turner
Daily schedule

Day 1 At BMF

Day one at BMF is full of surprise and unexpected as it is typically like a real military boot camp, each day at BMF is different with different level of intensity and involvement. Our programs are specially designed to work on all over body muscles and targeting on each individual’s overall health. The BMF outdoor training can include one or all of the following techniques:

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